Trace Vehicle Location in India

trace vehicle location in indiaDo you want to find the location of a car, bike or any other vehicle in India? You can easily trace the location of any Indian vehicle using this tool.

To use this tool, first note down the registration number of any vehicle. It will have the format like RJ-01 1234. Then enter the first two digits in the first text box, the next two digits in the second text box, and the remaining digits in the last text box. Then press the Trace Vehicle button. You'll get the details for the respective vehicle immediately.

Enter The Vehicle Registration Number :

Its not a real time tracing, but since most vehicles operate in the region they are registered, the vehicle tracer provides a fairly accurate location of the vehicle.

Please note that this is the beta version of vehicle tracing application. We are still working on adding more details to it. If you have any questions or suggestions about this tool, then please feel free to ask at the FAQ and Feedback page for Vehicle Location Tracer.

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