Trace Mobile Number Location in India

trace mobile phone in indiaDo you want to trace a missed call? Do you want to trace a mobile number in India? Wondering who's been sending you those annoying SMS messages? Do you want to trace a blank call? Do you want to trace the location and service provider details of a mobile phone number? Then you are at the right place.

Just fill the mobile phone number in the text box below and press the Trace Mobile Number button. The location, service provider and connection type of the mobile phone number will be displayed instantly!

Enter 10 Digit Mobile Phone Number :

Note that this is a beta version of mobile phone tracer application. We are consistently working on adding more details, like live gsm tracking, lost phone location, to it so that it becomes more easier to trace mobile number in India. We are also working hard to keep this mobile phone tracer updated with mobile phone numbers of new series. If you have any suggestions or questions about this app, then please feel free to ask at the Mobile Number Tracer Feedback or check out the FAQ below.

Can this app trace mobile number in India exactly? This app can trace the state where the mobile number is currently active, and it can find the service provider and the signaling of the mobile number. But due to the recent introduction of mobile number portability in India, the accuracy of this app to trace any mobile number in India has decreased a bit. And because of this reason, it may sometimes show the service provider details incorrectly.

Is this app a mobile telephone number directory? Theoretically, this app works like a mobile number directory service in India. But in reality this service is not a mobile telephone number directory. This mobile number tracer app uses an internal location to trace mobile number in India.

Is it possible to find the address of a mobile number or exact location of mobile number using this app? Unfortunately, No. Its not possible to find the exact address of a mobile number or current location of mobile number using this app. You can only find the state where the mobile phone is located. Its illegal in India to maintain the address directory of mobile numbers in India due to privacy issues.

Can you find the exact location of a mobile number for me? Please don't send us messeges requesting to trace the exact location of a mobile number in India. Irrespective of the reasons you might have, we cannot help you trace the location of mobile number in India. All the information we have about a mobile number is displayed using the mobile number tracer app above.

This mobile trace app can't trace my mobile number details If this app can't trace your mobile number, or if you see an error message for your mobile number, contact us with the details and we will fix the issue by updating our mobile number location database.

This mobile number tracer works only for Indian mobile numbers or can I use it for other countries too? At this time, we can trace Indian mobile numbers only.

Can this app track a mobile number in India in real time? No, this app cannot do real time tracking of a mobile number.

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